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The story behind Wakame Wakayou

Dear foodlovers,

As you’ve now landed on our brand-new website, I would like to tell you the story behind our brand ‘Wakame Wakayou’.

Growing up with parents that adored exploring the world and enjoying foreign cuisine, it was obvious that discovering different cultures and types of food would become one of my main hobbies.

Being a sushi lover since 1992, I knew someday I needed to share my passion in making and creating these delicious pieces of heaven.

Starting of by reading about the art of making sushi, I observed several sushi chefs on how to create my own homemade sushi and learned by doing.

I couldn’t wait to share my creations with family and friends!

Every week there would be a sushi night put in place to develop my skills and gain experience.

After 5 years of training, the first workshop had been organised and ‘Wakame Wakayou’ was created in 2017.

We began with organising open workshops where people could subscribe individually or with a group of friends.

Like this, we were able to start up some collaborations with restaurants or pop-up spaces that want to organise a new event within their location and gain more clientele.

Next up were the B2B relationships with companies looking for an interesting, educational but most of all fun teambuilding.

We began organising private workshops at home to give groups the possibility to enjoy these workshops without the need to travel. We bring all necessary tools and ingredients so there’s no need for you as a host to prepare anything. Think of birthday parties, bachelor(ette), girls- or boys nights, kids’ parties or just as an activity to enjoy your Sunday afternoon.

Within these last 3 years, we’ve been travelling around Flanders to deliver our services as well as expanding them.

Delivering a variety of event planning, catering and workshops with as main goal to share our passion and love for food.

If you want to enjoy our food creation, take a look around and let me know how we can help you out.

Yummy Thoughts,


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