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Hello 2021!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Dear foodlovers,

New year new beginnings!

First of alllll; My very best wishes to everyone of you! Hopefully 2021 will bring you new culinary adventures and new flavoury experiences.

2021: Exciting times ahead for ‘Wakame Wakayou’, really looking forward to see what we will achieve.

As the current situation drives us to think outside of the box, we are using our creativity and flexibility to come up with new ideas and new concepts.

Starting with our catering service; we like to create a personalised Asian goodie box which allows the Japanese culture to enter your home and fill your dining table with lovely food and enjoyable drinks. Just inform us which kind of products you like to taste and will create a customized box to your wishes.

Currently we are developing our brand new webshop to give you the possibility to implement some of the most typical Japanese gadgets in your daily habits. Think of matcha sets, sake cups andddd DIY sushi kits!!

Next to this we will expand our current selection of workshops and add a sake tasting. In this workshop you’ll have the possibility to enjoy all different kinds of saké, learn more about the etiquette that goes together with drinking saké as well as the way it’s made and further more exploring the world of saké.

We will share our first FREE sushi guide with all basic information on the ingredients necessary to make sushi together with the difference in the most popular kinds of sushi.

Followed by an E-book where I will share with you some of my favourite recipes, both Asian and non-asian as well as vegan!

So we’ll have no time to lose, chop-chop, let’s go!

Yummy Thoughts,


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