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The Secret Ingredients: Passion and Love

Wakame Wakayou specializes in creating unique food experiences through workshops and catering services. It was founded in 2018 by Natasha De Bleser: a young Belgian woman with a big passion for food.

Sushi and asian food being one of her favourite cuisine, she started with the name Wakame, which is a type of edible seaweed. Because her idea was to share her food from "me to you", she came up with the name Wakame Wakayou.

Originally, Wakame Wakayou only hosted workshops in collaboration with restaurants or other businesses as well as private workshops at home. Think bridal shower, teambuilding, birthday parties or simply between friends: the workshops are a place where Natasha shares her passion and love for food. 

Gradually, Natasha wanted to expand Wakame Wakayou's services to more than only workshops. That's when she decided to add the catering and event planning to the list of services. Eventually sushi delivery also became a part of the services Wakame Wakayou offers. 

Whilst the workshops are intimate and focus on sushi and asian food, the catering and private cooking services can be completely tailored to the customers needs. Mexican, Asian, Italian and French, every type of food is possible.



Meet the person behind Wakame Wakayou



Being passionate about food, Natasha always knew she wanted to share her passion with others. She launched Wakame Wakayou in 2018, but at that time she was only doing sushi workshops. 
Even while still working full-time, she grew Wakame Wakayou to the company it is today. 



Learn how to make sushi rolls during a personal and fun workshop.


All types of food are possible for our catering service. No time to plan? our team can organise your event for you.


We often organise events, online or offline, where can learn to make sushi, spring rolls and much more.

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