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What is Matcha?

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Dear foodlovers,

How about creating some good and healthy habits for 2021? Something that increases your energy levels and keeps you sharp during the day? An old Japanese tradition where you relax whilst making it?

Matcha contains all criteria described above!

I hear you guys thinking, but what exactly is Matcha?

Matcha is a type of green tea consisting of specially grown green tea leaves and grounded into a powder. It contains more caffeine and theanine which increases your energy levels and keeps you focused.

How to prepare Matcha?

To prepare matcha the traditional way you need several tools;

  • A big and round tea bowl to make the tea;

  • A bamboo tea spoon that measures the amount of powder you need to use;

  • A bamboo whisk to mix the fine powder and water and whip the tea to get a foam on the upper layer;

  • A tea cup to serve the tea and start enjoying your freshly made matcha.

Once you have all these tools (FYI - they will soon be available on our webshop) you can start making your drink.

  1. Heat up your water to 80 degrees and pour some in your tea bowl and tea cup to preheat them.

  2. After preheating both bowl and cup pour the water away.

  3. Next use your bamboo tea spoon to determine the quantity you’ll use and sift it to prevent lumps.

  4. Add a first dash of water to your matcha and whisk to create a smooth substance.

  5. Fill your bowl with 110 ml of water and whip your whisk in a Z direction to create foam.

  6. Repeat this movement during 40 to 60 seconds, relax, and pour the tea in your preheated tea cup.


The quality of your matcha will determine its taste, the higher the quality the stronger the positive influence on your body and energy levels of drinking a cup. You know what they say about one cup a day...

Yummy thoughts,


Interested in tasting this delicious authentic Japanese drink? Buy your matcha set on our webshop and try out this refined cup of tea!

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